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PS Centrifugal Smoke Fan / Blower
  Continuously rated fan designed for pushing smoke through duct work and pipes

Pea Soup’s PS Centrifugal Fan is a very impressive, smoke sealed, continuously rated blower for distributing smoke rapidly and evenly through ductwork into training buildings, simulators etc. or forcing smoke down pipes or duct work, pressurising containers for smoke leak visualisation tests, etc.

The unit is supplied on a stand appropriate to the type of Pea Soup smoke generator being used (PS27 Dragon, PS31 or PS33), with a guarded inlet and a 75mm outlet spigot as standard (50mm outlet also available). Up to 30 metres of 75mm diameter ductwork can be used with this blower. We supply lined, flexible ducting hose in 10 metre lengths for this. A 100mm outlet spigot can also be ordered to allow connection to a system of 100mm uPVC waste pipe to act as a smoke ducting system for installations.

It is normally supplied in its 115/230v 50/60hz form, although other options are available. The angle of discharge can be specified the time of ordering. The default angle of discharge is L90 (outlet parallel with ground, see photo, left).

The Pea Soup Smoke Fan
PS Fan


Noise level:
77db(a) free air, 1 metre

Stove enamel finish

Cast aluminium casing, galvanised steel impellers

Induction motor:
IP44 rated

Available for both 110v or 230v power supplies.
Made to order, lead time normally 14 - 21 days.

PS Centrifugal Fan Brochure

The Correct Spacing Relationship Between Smoke Machine and Centrifugal Fan

For the best performance, it is important that the fan is sited in front of the smoke system, as far away from the smoke generator as possible whilst capturing the entire smoke plume. ie distance A shown in the diagram above should be maximised. This distance depends on the length / smoothness etc of the ducting used (and the frictional losses therefore present) and so it is impossible to set until the ducting has been attached to the centrifugal blower.

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