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Only the following smoke machines are available for hire in the UK. We're sorry but we do not hire out every model of machine that we sell on our site.
All hires are dispatched from our hire centre in Berkshire via next-day courier as standard.

Smoke machines hire stock


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Smoke machines below are designed for use in air flow tests, leak tests, smoke detector testing and other commercial applications but can also be used for special FX and entertainment purposes extremely well.
All our hire machines are non-toxic, meet health & safety regulations for safe use and most produce the finest particle size of any fog machine available (0.2 microns dia.). Rates are charged on a per week / part week basis.
Next day TNT delivery as standard. Timed delivery available. Equipment can also dispatched via same-day courier to London area upon request, or collected from Berkshire.

View the range of smoke generators available for hire below, then call us on 0207 100 7526 or email us to discuss your requirement.

Hire rate
per week / part week

Hand Portable Smoke Machine
Rocket hand-portable water-based smoke generator with off-power facility. Ideal for air flow and leak test visualisation, spray booth clearance tests, testing smoke detectors, special effects, etc.
1.1kW £70.00
2.2kW Turbo unit £95.00
(ex. VAT) per week
Smoke fluid aerosol* (single) - £9.00
Box of 10 fluid aerosols* - £62.00

2.2kW High Output Smoke Machine
The Dragon can give continuous high output. Quality water-based smoke machine. Used for continuous smoke logging, and as above applications but with 4x the smoke output of the standard Rocket
2.2kW £115.00
(ex. VAT) per week
Smoke fluid type A (persistent) -
5 litres* - £37.00
Smoke fluid type B (quick disp.) -
5 litres* - £40.00
Oil Based Smoke Generators
The Phantom range of very high output oil-based machines whose very clean smoke has a hang time of up to 4 hours and can withstand high temperatures. Suitable for large scale air flow and leak visualisation testing in buildings and large volumes.
1.1kW £149.00
(ex. VAT) per week
Smoke oil - 5 litres* - £32.00

Rocket QD
Ideal for photo shoots, theatre productions, special effects and film making, it provides a very thick white fog that disperses quickly. Simple operation and continuous smoke output (when mains connected). Creates superb steam effects when used with a fan. 5 metre remote control supplied. 230v. 1.1kW. Also suitable for fire safety training where smoke cannot be easily vented.
(ex. VAT) per week
Fluid aerosol* (single) - £11.00
Box of 10 fluid aerosols* - £81.00
Phantom Hazer
The ultimate hazer for extremely fine, persistent, ultra-safe haze. Creates superb atmosphere to bring out light beams to their fullest, without fog or odour. Perfect for film shoots, nightclubs, theatres, laser shows, events, arenas, etc.
(ex. VAT) per week
DMX Control - £12.00 pw/ppw
Digital Timer Control - £12.00 pw/ppw
Hazer fluid - 5 litres* - £30.00
Accessories for machines above:

Ducting adaptor hire
    (25mm, 50mm or 75mm)
    £6.00 per week

Ducting hose - internally lined
of a 2 metre length:
    50mm - £10.00 per week
    75mm - £10.00 per week
    25mm silicon lined - £25.00 per week
Full lengths of hose
(sale only - non-returnable):
    25mm x 2m - £40.00
    25mm x 4m - £72.00
    25mm silicon lined 2m - £51.00
    25mm silicon lined 4m - £95.00
    50mm x 10m - £64.00
    75mm x 10m - £86.00
Centrifugal blower fan, 230v:
    £75.00 per week.

    Allows smoke from the Dragon or Phantom units above to be force-fed through ducting or pipe work to overcome back-pressure. 75mm ducting hose (above) can be connected to outlet.
Axial blower fan, 230v:
    £40.00 per week.

    Variable output high speed blower fan - angle of projection can be changed between parallel with ground and vertically upwards. Allows smoke from the units above, or haze from the Phantom Hazer to be distributed over a wide area. Can also be used for PPV (positive pressure ventilation) to vent smoke after tests.
Battery Powered Smoke Machines for hire:

Hire rate
per week / part week

Battery Powered Portable Smoke Machine
Micro Rocket - a highly portable water-based smoke generator using a 12V DC battery (supplied).
For special effects, small scale air flow and leak test visualisation, LEV tests, etc.
(ex. VAT) per week
Smoke fluid 500ml* - £11.00
Mains power adaptor - £15.00 pw/ppw
Wireless remote control system - £9.00
400W Battery Powered Portable Smoke Machine
Mini Rocket - good output water-based smoke generator using just a 12V DC battery (supplied).
For special effects, photographers, air flow and leak test visualisation, LEV tests, etc.
(ex. VAT) per week
Smoke fluid 500ml* - £11.00
Wireless remote control - £35.00
Wired remote control - £10.00
External 12v (car) battery connection cable - £10.00

Please contact us to hire these smoke machines.
Hire price excludes overnight delivery (from £10.00 ex. VAT, mainland UK).
* all fluid and aerosols are non-returnable items.

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Up to 60 second smoke output duration, no power required.
White, red, blue and green smoke. Outdoor use only.

Timed delivery available. Hire period begins when equipment is dispatched, and ends when it is received back at our facility in Berkshire.
*Fluid consumables are non-refundable. Contact us to hire.

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