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SMOKE MACHINE REVIEWS - Martin Fogger Junior 700

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Martin Fogger Junior 700

Review of: Martin Fogger Junior 700
Date: 17/6/01

The Martin Fogger Junior 700 was one of Europe's most popular smoke machines in its time. Now no longer in manufacture (replaced by the Martin 1000 and Magnum 2000) the machine had a following in the disco and dark ride application area. An easy to access (for cleaning) 900 watt heating element with an incredible 60-90 second warm up time from cold showed the quality of the machine's engineering. The 700 could happily create continuous amounts of smoke up to about medium output level - no 'dead-band' unless used for high output, and even then it took less than 15 seconds to heat up again - impressive for a unit this size and cost. The density and quality of the smoke output was second to none - not laying heavy with breathing or leaving oily residue anywhere. Its rather advanced timer remote control
" of Europe's most popular smoke machines..."

was an optional extra to the 'TV weather forecaster' style push button. It had 3 knobs and a button, allowing for the variation of output, duration and cycle. The button allows smoke on demand, and displays a red and a green LED - green shows when the unit is ready for use, and red shows when the heater is on. A 1 litre fluid bottle storage area is built into the unit, but only accepts strange square bottles which contain the Martin fluid. The unit's only let down is the unique aute-reverse pump feature, which switches the fluid pump into reverse after every smoke output, thereby sucking back any smoke fluid not used in the nozzle. Said to help the unit's nozzle stay cleaner and to prevent smoke output when not required, the feature tends to suck air back into the fluid pipe (air locks) often causing delays in the instancy of the next output. The brass fluid pipe connector built-in to the unit's chassis was also prone to letting air into the system via its connection with the fluid pipe.

2004 update: You still occasionally see Martin Junior 700s on auction sites, but they're usually in such a bad state of repair they sometimes only fetch pounds. Martin may have seen the error of their ways in discontinuing this model with no clear replacement, but now with the Martin Magnum 800 I think they've done it. Increased smoke output, continuous smoke output, and this time an improvement on the 700 - consistent and steady smoke output. Quiet running, no auto-reverse pump, but a slightly inferior timer remote, the Martin Magnum 800 is the modern day equivalent of the Martin Fogger Junior 700.

  Martin Fogger Junior 700
Pros Small, continuous operation, fast heat time, quality smoke
Cons Auto-reverse pump feature creates air-locks in pipe, short fluid pipe. (unit now discontinued)
  900 watts
Manfr: Martin, Denmark
Price: £200 (inc. timer remote)

Review by visitor Clive Jones:

Great gobs of dense smoke, controllable from a long blanket covering to a short burst using the "pip" on the remote. Flavoured juice. Easilly de-carbonised (half hour at most). Electrics double fused.
Cons: Input nozzle leaked when withdrawn from bottle when changing fluid. Strange "suck/blow" action to pump.
Quality machine.

Review by James Long:

The Martin Junior 700 is a very reliable machine. it is capable of filling a room in seconds. it also has a large smoke projection of 5 metres with is useful in discos. The most amazing thing about this machine is its warming up time it takes 60-90 seconds compared to the advrage 5 minutes. this machine is no longer in production but can be brought 2nd hand. This is an exellent machine.

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