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The Rosco Alpha 900 Fog Machine

Review of: Rosco Alpha 900 Fog Machine
Date: 31/7/08

Styled in the classic 'black box' fog machine casing (which I don't mind admitting - I love!), this fog machine from Rosco is their 'entry level' unit. It certainly tips a hat to the outward design of the Rosco 1500, which in its time was quite a revolutionary electronic fog machine.

It is very simple to use. Switch it on at the mains switch. When the green indicator light is illuminated on the generous 9 metre long remote it is ready to generate fog continuously. There is no control of fog volume, but the remote control has a rocker switch which can give a momentary fog issue or latching for continuous. It uses 1 litre of fog fluid per hour of fog production.

It used to be a light blue colour, but from about 2007 it was produced in all black. Rosco's promotional material still shows the blue version. There are even some red versions around produced for other distributors in the fire safety sector.

The Rosco Alpha 900 is possibly a lower cost replacement to the Rosco 1500. Its outward appearance is in the Rosco style. Its output isn't anywhere near as powerful, but it is nevertheless continuous. When using Stage & Studio fluid, it is almost impossible to get a 'build up' of fog, as the fog is dispersing at almost the same rate as it is being produced.

We think Rosco fog fluid smells the nicest out of all manufacturers!

The Rosco Alpha 900 next to the Rosco 1500 illustrating similar cosmetic appearance and size.

It its original blue colour

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