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12V DC Car Security Smoke Screen

Introducing the VGS 12V DC Smoke Screen - physical prevention of theft.
as seen on ITV1's "Police Camera Action!"

The 12V smoke security system is ideally suited to vehicle security applications and differs from alarms and other security devices by physically preventing thieves from seeing.

Our smoke security system is a compact unit which is both user and installer friendly. The unit is 12 volt DC car battery powered (a 24V version is also available).

The fog is totally harmless to both person and property but is extremely unpleasant to remain in. The intruder will make a hasty retreat and most certainly will not be able to see to steal or cause damage.
The unit can be used in vehicles of varying sizes by regulating the flow of fog. In this way you can generate the volume of fog necessary to cater for the size of the area being protected.

VGS Smoke ScreenThe small size (154mm length x 43mm height x 60mm depth) allows it to be easily housed in small spaces such as under seats or even suspended in either the passenger or drivers footwell. The most important consideration in locating the unit is to optimise the smoke dispersion.

In standby the unit draws no current whatsoever. On activation it reaches operating temperature in less than three seconds and then immediately produces impressive volumes of smoke to hide tools and equipment or simply to make the vehicle very unpleasant to be in.

The unit uses a coiled, stainless steel heat exchanger and a microprocessor control circuit with in-built safety features to prevent discharge in a moving vehicle. The specially formulated smoke fluid is contained in a container from where it is pumped into the heat exchanger inside the control unit.

The unit has an integral timer allowing the installer to regulate, at the touch of a button, the amount of smoke discharged. It also has the facility to trigger a pager and/or siren and/or voice module as well as remote arming/disarming.

There are both positive and negative trigger inputs that can be linked to an existing alarm system (or other sensors) including door pin switches, ultra-sonic and/or microwave etc. By using the various optional extras the unit can also be used without need for another alarm.

The length of each smoke activation will determine the number of times you can use the system before having to refill the smoke fluid reservoir. 500ml should provide around 15 minutes of total smoke production. There is a low fluid indicator light to ensure the unit is always ready to work.

This system is safe for use in motor vehicles as well as vans, boats, caravans and buildings.

For your home...

The unit can be easily installed in small rooms as a cheaper yet equally as effective alternative to the costly smoke screen systems in commercial retail installations. A large number of our customers use the unit in their garage, shed/workshop and home office in conjunction with a car battery and trickle charger with an existing alarm system or PIR sensor.


  • Heat up time from cold: 3 seconds
  • High smoke output
  • Full control over amount of smoke produced


  • Ultra compact (154mm x 60mm x 43mm)
  • Coiled, stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Microprocessor control
  • Safety feature stops unit being activated whilst vehicle is moving.

Also ideal for vans to hide equipment and tools, in cars to prevent audio equipment and car theft


  • Trigger inputs link to existing alarm system / sensors
  • Power supply: 12v DC car battery
  • Warm up time from cold: 3 seconds
  • Facility to trigger a pager/siren/voice module as well as remote arming/disarming
  • Works down to at least minus 20C

Mechanical Specifications:

  • Height: 43mm
  • Width: 60mm
  • Length: 154mm
  • Works with either positive or negative trip

The system kit comes complete with smoke module, wiring harness, fluid reservoir tank, mounting assembly and 500ml of special security smoke fluid for the system.

Current draw is approx. 67 amps (800W).

Each unit is bench tested prior to being shipped to ensure reliability.

A car alarm / sensor input is required to trigger the smoke screen.

Watch a video of this security smoke system in action (7.2Mb)

Standard 12V DC Smoke Screen System

Suitable for most cars and small vans.

PS51 : 12V DC Vehicle Smoke Screen System

Replacement System:
Securismoke - 12v DC Vehicle Smoke Machine
Plate Mounted Version

In order to make the installation easier in vehicles such as vans, cash in transit, etc. we offer the unit pre-installed on an aluminium plate that just has to be screwed into place within a cavity in the vehicle and connected to the battery and trigger. Each such installation is tested before it leaves the factory to ensure the minimum of input from the person fitting the plate into the vehicle. All that is visible after fitting the plate is the smoke outlet hole and the status LED.
Product includes smoke machine fitted to plate mounting, refillable smoke fluid tank, 300ml smoke fluid and installation instructions.

PS51P : Plate-mounted 12 Volt Security Smoke Screen System

12 Volt Twin-output Version

Ideal for larger vehicles such as vans, trucks or small buildings with no mains power. Twice the output (two outlets) that can be strategically positioned. Runs on 12V. Approx 1200 watts peak.

PS51TW : 12 Volt Twin-head Security Smoke Screen System

24 Volt Twin-output Version

Ideal for larger lorries, trucks and small buildings with no mains power. Twice the output (two outlets) that can be strategically positioned. Runs on 24V.

PS52 : 24 Volt Twin-head Security Smoke Screen System

now available

Replacement System:
Securismoke - 12v DC Vehicle Smoke Machine

2.5 litres Smoke Fluid Type C for use with the old discontinued security smoke systems above.
5 litres Smoke Fluid Type C for use with the old discontinued security smoke systems above.

Legacy Product - Pre-pressurised Smoke Fluid Canisters

UK delivery only, for existing systems or older units. Canisters contain 300ml of smoke fluid, come already pressurised and will last for a combined total of approx. 10 minutes of smoke generation, eg. 30 x 20 second duration activations. Cannot be shipped outside of UK.

Number of smoke fluid canisters ordered
1 2 - 20 21+
Price per canister
£25.00 £22.00 £20.80

Legacy Product - Refillable Smoke Fluid Canisters

To give you lowest running costs, these legacy systems use a refillable canister which you fill with 300 - 350ml of the special security smoke fluid (type C) from either the 2.5 litre or 5 litre containers. You then pressurise the canister using a hand pump, tyre inflator, air compressor or airline (e.g. in a garage forecourt) to 45PSI (3.1bar). Using the special security smoke fluid, a 2.5 litre container will re-fill the can around 7 times or a 5 litre container around 14 times. It is possible to re-fill and use the same canister 50 - 100 times with care. You can, of course, purchase any number of 2.5 or 5 litre containers of fluid at the time of your order to give yourself a plentiful supply for fitting, testing and (in some cases) showing off! It works out at less than £4.43 per full canister when you buy one canister and a 5L container of fluid.
Refillable canister (supplied singly)
Fill with fluid (below) and pressurise with a hand pump, airline (e.g. in a garage forecourt) or inert gas supply to 45PSI (3.1 bar). Can be refilled 25+ times.
2.5 litres Smoke Fluid Type C for use with refillable canister (above) in the security smoke system.
2.5 litres will fill the refillable aerosol approx. 7 times.
5 litres Smoke Fluid Type C for use with refillable canister (above) in the security smoke system.
5 litres will fill the refillable aerosol approx. 14 times.
High pressure shock pump - used to pressurise the refillable canister (above) to 45PSI (3.1 bar). You can alternatively use any pump (e.g. bike pump), tyre inflator or air line capable of pressurising to 45PSI (3.1 bar).
Photo below shows pump next to refillable canister.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How big a volume will this unit fill?

A: The single 12v unit is designed for cars. For vans, we recommend the 12v twin-head unit with each smoke output head strategically placed. A 24v twin-head version is also available for larger trucks. If you need a mains powered unit that will fill a larger area, visit our mains powered smoke security page.

Q: Can you supply aerosols that kill the thief by gassing them?

A: No. It would be unsafe for both you and the fitter of the unit and would open up a whole range of legal issues. Our unit sets out to prevent theft, not deliver justice!

Q: Can the unit be triggered by the driver if they are at a set of traffic lights and a thief forces them out of the car and drives off (carjacking)?

A: No. It would not be safe for any nearby pedestrians if the car was driven at speed whilst full of smoke. The unit has a safety feature which prevents it from being activated whilst the vehicle is moving. If the unit is located to secure cargo on a lorry for example, you can yourself fit a panic button to trigger the smoke screen manually.

Replacement System:
Securismoke - 12v DC Vehicle Smoke Machine


Our other products:

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  • Small dimensions
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  • Wireless remote and mains power adaptor also available
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Mini Rocket - 400W 12v DC Portable Smoke Machine

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  • Continuous output for up to 10 mins
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