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The Pea Soup Phantom Hazer

We ship worldwide

Phantom Hazer

  • The Finest Haze

  • The Largest Output

  • The Longest Hang Time (3 - 4 hours +)

  • Cleanest and Healthiest Haze

  • Leaves NO RESIDUE

  • Virtually Silent Operation

  • Can produce smoke if required

  • Most efficient - 1 litre of fluid creates up to 40 + hours of haze

  • Lifetime warranty on heat exchanger

  • #1 for total reliability

10 year warranty

Phantom Hazer - back

PS49 PS48 comparison
Phantom Hazer unit is available with (PS49) or without (PS48) the front mounted haze distribution fan.

We ship worldwide

ISO 9001
Produced under Industrial / Military Grade ISO Certification

Ideal for:
     TV / Film studios
     Laser Tag Arenas
     Laser Hire Companies
     Corporate Event Productions

The Phantom Hazer 'co-starred' with Frank Sinatra in "Sinatra - The Man & His Music" at the London Palladium that utilised some very expensive video projectors.

The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains was at London's V&A Museum from 13 May to 1 October 2017.

Few hazers are allowed to operate daily for 4½ months in a museum environment.
The Phantom Hazer - museum safe!


Phantom Hazer

The World's Ultimate Hazer
The Finest Haze
The Longest Hang Time

The Pea Soup Phantom Hazer quietly produces a barely visible atmospheric haze until light passes through it, which is perfect for large volume lighting and laser effects.


With a tiny haze particle size of just 0.2 micron (mass median diameter) this precision engineered hazer is truly in a class of its own, beating all competitors' systems hands-down. The persistency of the effect means that a single generator can replace a number of conventional hazer systems, producing a beautfully even haze with an incredibly long hang time.

The whisper quiet maglev fan is independently switched, and so the unit is equally capable of producing ultra smooth low output haze or large volume smoke effects if required.

Fluid consumption at haze output can be as little as 0.2 litres per 8 hours, so running costs compared to conventional hazers are dramatically lower. Phantom Hazer fluid is of medical grade which gives a superior effect to that of the now old fashioned "oil cracker" units. Oil crackers also leave a messy oily residue on surfaces and can cause respiratory problems with some people. Our Phantom Hazer is a far superior precision engineered unit offering complete control, no residue deposits, over 95% reduction of airbourne haze fluid compared to conventional water based smoke machines or hazers, a 100% continuous duty cycle and extremely high levels of reliability and efficiency. The Phantom Hazer is truly the ultimate haze generator for the discerning user.

Suitable for 240v or 110v power supplies, the Phantom automatically purges the heater after every haze issue leaving it perfectly clear of any remaining fluid. The Phantom Hazer heater block has a lifetime warranty against clogging or failure, and the Phantom a 10 year parts guarantee.

The world's cleanest hazer.
We often supply the Phantom to replace a number of different (and very well known) water based hazers. Users report that serious issues they had with fluid residue in force-fan cooled lighting and sound equipment immediately cease after installing the Phantom Hazer, and after years of daily use does not recur.

Super-Safe Haze.
The Phantom Hazer produces the safest non-toxic, non-irritating and completely sterile haze of any unit available. It will not dry out performers' mouths and throats, affect their performance.

Virtually silent operation.
No noisy air compressor or fluid pump. Quiet haze distribution fan.

     We ship worldwide
  Made entirely in Britain under ISO:9001
  • 10 year parts warranty
  • Lifetime guarantee on heater block

How our hazer compares, without prejudice:

- Phantom haze is many times more persistent and fine than conventional water/glycol based haze (Antari, Martin/Jem, Look) and uses around 90% less fluid used to create a far superior, cleaner and more even haze effect.
- 75% less fluid used and more than double haze hang time duration compared to even the most persistent glycerine hazers.
- Very economical fluid purchase price, 100% active ingredient - not 'watered down' at all, like so many others.
- One 5 litre fluid container will give up to 200+ hours of haze.

- Incredibly efficient fluid use, very quiet operation.

- A Phantom haze particle size is 3 TIMES SMALLER than our nearest competitor's - meaning each Phantom haze particle has 15 TIMES LESS fluid mass and volume.
- Purchase price of complete system considerably less than MDG and DF50 price.
- Incredible reliability - 10 year parts warranty, lifetime guarantee on heat exchanger. Made in Britain. 100% proven track record of reliability.
- Safer than DF50 - all haze produced by the Phantom machine is completely sterile: germ and bacteria free through ultra-safe thermal production process.
- Lowest possible risk of irritation to the eyes and throat than any other smoke or haze system available today. The safest non-toxic, non-irritating haze produced will not dry out performers' mouths and throats or affect their performance. They'll thank you for it!
- Smoke detector friendly - from customer feedback, due to less fluid in the air to generate the effect and the sub-micron particle size, the Phantom may be able to work more harmoniously with your fire alarm system compared with other cloudy/clumpy output hazers.

Power, haze and fan switching control panel displaying temperature information.

The improved Phantom Hazer comes with :

  • rugged, tough build quality
  • powder coated black zintec finish
  • haze density control valve for perfect haze
  • larger information screen control display
  • wider fluid reservoir filling spout
  • external fan power connection socket
  • detachable front-mounted fan
  • fluid sight glass


The Phantom Hazer has been continuously developed and improved over the last 50+ years from the original system first produced in 1965.
The Phantom is tried and tested technology with a proven track record of unbeatable reliability and cleanliness. Users love it, we receive overwhelmingly enthusiastic feedback about it, and we're very proud of that. Try it for yourself and find out how a great hazer like the Phantom can benefit your venue, hire company or production.

"The quality of the haze is superior to anything else I've tried, and I've tried more or less anything in the last 20 years. I invested in a lot of new kit last year, this thing was my best purchase by far. In my opinion worth every penny."

Event Lighting Hire Company Owner, Bedfordshire

"I can’t thank you enough for recommending the Phantom Hazer to me. I have used a few water based hazers before but this one is in another league altogether. I used it immediately on a television music production. It was very straightforward to operate and the haze sat in the air and took a long time to disperse. Over the three day shoot we hardly used any of the oil that was supplied. The haze was virtually invisible to the eye but really showed the Macs, LEDs and profiles to full effect. The studio crew commented that they were hardly aware of it, it didn’t fog the camera shots and there was no smell or any detrimental effects on their comfort. I am very happy with the Hazer and I’m looking forward to using it on our next ent production."

TV Studio Manager, Middlesex

"I purchased your Phantom Hazer for our large laser tag arena venue. The haze is really excellent. It's amazing how long it hangs in the air and how little juice we use. We have found that dispensing for just 2 minutes fills our 6,000 sq ft arena for hours. The haze is far better than any other I have used. It's a great machine and we are completely satisfied."

Laser Tag Arena Owner, Massachusetts

"We have just finished series 2 of The Tudors (BBC TV series) and once again the Phantom played a huge part on set. This is a wonderful machine as it maintains constant levels for up to 4 hours on a closed set. The Phantom and Rocket units have been the mainstay of TeamFX for the last 12 years and have helped us to establish a fantastic working relationship with Irish and American DOPs (they love their smoke!). Phantoms are now asked for by name in Ireland, and coupled with the fact that they are robust and almost indestructible are ideal for use by SFX depts or for hiring out"

Team/FX, Ireland

"I have to say that the Phantom has blown us away! This seems to be the perfect solutions for us. We have a 1,300 seat church with very strong HVAC and we needed quality haze that didn't look like clouds of smoke being pushed around by the airflow, as well as look good on camera. Once the haze distributes in the room you can't see movement at all!"

Church in Texas, USA

"The particulate size is certainly very small indeed - I can clearly see individual glycol or cracked oil smoke particles when exposed in a bright beam close up, but not so with this machine. ...all I can say is it performed superbly - absolutely even, very fine haze throughout the venue. Once I had finished plotting the show, I turned the hazer off. 90 minutes later the level and coverage of the haze had not changed at all. The machine used less than 100ml of fluid over the 6 hours it was running. So, highly recommended, and so much better than all the alternatives I have used."

Customer in the film production industry

"Wow that haze really is tiny! It will be great to see my laser without having to use bucket loads of fluid and still see where you are going. I want to eventually do corporate work too, so this will be an advantage. Thanks for this great product. Also, I'm impressed with the packaging and kit of parts and the little added touches. I had a look inside ... and was very happy to see the quality of workmanship inside (I'm a fitter and turner/engineering technician) it's clear it ain't no mass produced, slapped together machine!

Count me as another satisfied customer who will recomend people deal with you."

Laser Hire Company, Australia

"Thanks for the prompt delivery of the Phantom Hazer. We are very pleased with the machine as it far exceeds our expectations and the level of haze produced is superb. I will recommend them to everyone!!"

Rollerskating Arena Owner, UK

"After nearly 10 years of operating a laser-tag site and using mostly Jem smoke machines, including trying their so called 'long lasting' fluids I was initially sceptical about the hang time and fluid consumption claims for the Phantom Hazer, but a demo of [the Phantom] confounded my scepticism. The haze was still faintly visible after 6 hours, and had been mostly dispersed by air movement through our building, as a by product we managed to better seal our building and decrease our heating costs!

The new Phantom Hazer is performing brilliantly. So all in all I’m incredibly satisfied, especially with the fluid consumption. We have been using the Phantom Hazer for 18 months now and have only just placed an order for additional fluid. The 20 litres we purchased with the machine has lasted us for the first 18 months.

Whilst the cheap running costs of this hazer are much appreciated, it is the haze's long hang time which is really great. As a result of the long hang time the haze forms a consistent effect throughout all of our arena. With the previous Jem machines we had large variations the further you got from the source. Also due to the low consumption, maintenance and refilling cycles have been reduced further saving time and money.

All in all I am very pleased to recommend the Phantom Hazer, it's a great bit of kit and the long warranty on the machine and its parts are a testament to the build quality."

Laser Tag Arena Owner, UK

"The Phantom is INCREDIBLE. It would have saved us so much heartache and trouble had we just purchased this in the first place. It’s worth every penny!"

House of Worship, Indiana USA

"We received the Phantom Hazer with time to spare last week. Thank you so much. I’ve included a before and after picture so you could see the difference your hazer has made. Thank you! It is a difference maker."

Church in Montana, USA

"The Phantom Hazer is awesome! Results in Wembley Arena have been amazing. Have converted some die hard DF50 fans into lovers of the Phantom! Don't think you could ask for better more even coverage. Can't fault the unit, its been one of the best investments I have ever made :-)"

Lighting Equipment hire company, UK

"Dude-that’s crazy!!  [The church we visited] run their unit 3 minutes before each service and then shut it off.  The effect lasts long enough for their service.  I couldn’t believe how even the room got and how quickly it got there.  It was incredible.  When they first turned it on it was outputting like a cloud, but that soon settled and became even."

"Just wanted to confirm that I received the smoke machine the other day and I’m super impressed with the machine and your company’s turn-around time. I wasn’t sure what to expect working with an international company but your service was better than many local companies. The communication, turn around, and overall product have created an exceptional experience. Thank you for the great service."

"We got the Phantom up and running about 11.30 pm last Weds night after our rig build goodness the results were incredible. We let the Phantom Hazer go for about 1 min and we powered our movers down about 1.30am and it was still looking great.
The [live TV music] show itself on Thursday was a brilliant success. The effect was the desired look and we are over the moon with the Phantom.

Thank you for all your help and advice ...we are thrilled with the results and service."

Television Equipment rental company, Ireland

"The output and haze quality are outstanding, and it convinced us instantly, and impressed the show director during the cast install.
The haze produced is finer than with any other machine, the stage looks sharper and the lighting is really enhanced, colors look brighter.
The fine haze leaves no residue on lighting equipment and is less harmful for singers and performers (and techs).
The Pea Soup fluid is affordable, and consumption is very low.
Personally, I was very impressed by the output and the quality of haze this little machine can produce, and my light technicians were thrilled to try it out.
I have given a report to our fleet technical director in Miami, and highly recommended to consider the Phantom for future purchases.
I must admit that it is the best hazer I have had the pleasure to work with."

Cruise Line Stage & Production Manager

"I am absolutely sick of dealing with crappy ...[edit]... hazers! I had a chance to use your Phantom Hazer on Doctor Who and it was a million times better."

Director of Photography

"We just purchased your Pea Soup Phantom Hazer and absolutely love it.
This is above and beyond what we expected on coverage and hang time.  

Again…thanks so much for such an awesome product."

Church in Indiana, USA


"Absolutely utterly fantastic! We have just wrapped on a BBC PG Woodhouse 6 part series and I've used the Phantom Hazer for all the castle location scenes. It is brilliant, with only a few minutes haze production it hangs for ages allowing us to shoot without needing to constantly top up the "look", having this consistency was so useful on a very busy schedule, Can't recommend it highly enough!"

Director of Photography, UK

"We purchased a Pea Soup Phantom Hazer to use in our music venue 4 1/2 years ago.  This replaced a famous brand of hazer that was forever breaking down.  The hazer used to go through approximately 5 litres of fluid each month, and we were finding it quite tough on our chests.  Along with the Phantom we also ordered 20 litres of Phantom Hazer fluid.  Amazingly, there's still 6 litres left.  I figure that's 1,600 hours of usage from 14 litres of fluid!  That works out at less than 9ml per hour, into a room with a volume of 375 cubic meters.  When you told me that 4 bottles would probably last a decade, I thought you were joking, but really you weren't that far off! 

The machine itself has performed flawlessly, never once breaking down's paid for itself many times over in the savings on fluid alone, not to mention the hassle of repairs that we previously endured.  And it is definitely much easier on our chests.  The haze also shows up the lights much better, really makes them sparkle.  I'd recommend one of these to anyone."

Live Music Venue, Aberdeen

"We have had our Phantom for about 4 months now and it is by far the greatest haze machine we have ever used!! And I have used 6 or 8 different ones over my career. Thank you again for making an amazing product!!!"

Church in TX

"We have used the Phantom Hazer for 1.5 years now and are very satisfied. We have used 1.2 liters of fluid, which is incredible :-)

No residue on our equipment at all !

Thanks for making these fantastic products :-)"

Technical Director for a rock band in Norway

"They [a large nightclub] love the Phamtom as it has solved all their fluid build-up issues! They are quite a demanding customer and for them to love a product is high praise indeed!"

AV Supplier / Installer, UK

"I had the chance today to test the Hazer for the first time …… I got the hang of it very very quickly which was wonderful for me.

To say I am impressed is an understatement. I ran it for a total of 15 minutes... The theatre was full with a lovely haze in short order, certainly in less time than my previous Martin hazers needed.  I sat inside after turning the machine off, for fully 20 more minutes and the haze was just as present as when the machine was running. Lets just say I was gobsmacked, because the haze from the Martins was completely gone in 2 minutes.

If anyone asks me for my opinion I will have to tell them that in my opinion and with my experience, I have never had such a marvellous hazer … ever. Even the boss is happy because I am walking around with a smile instead of my usual scowl, and that’s saying something after 2 days of a heavy set up schedule for one show, followed by the [theatre's] 21st birthday celebration the next day, and many hours of work for our very small team.

I am looking forward to my next show that will require some haze. Fluid use has been miniscule to say the least and the local theatre group are impressed with it also.

Thank you so much for making what I consider to be the best most versatile hazer in the world."

Senior Technician, Theatre in New Zealand

"I working as Lighting Designer on a project with an organization that has recently purchased a few of your Phantom haze generators. I haven’t had the pleasure of working with your product before, and I must say that the quality, hang time and efficiency is second to none that I have seen.  Cheers!"

Lighting Designer, Florida


"The hazer was fantastic, absolutely perfect for what we wanted, particularly the inside scenes to give the air 'texture'."

Director of photography

"We previously bought a Pea Soup Phantom Hazer for an exhibition of our artwork in Korea last year.
This artwork won the Award of Distinction at Ars Electronica, you can see the results here: 
The machine worked really well considering that enormous space and our very particular requirements for what the haze has to do."

Light Artist, South Korea

"I just got back from my friend's church to look at the Phantom in action.

Dude-that’s crazy!! They run their unit 3 minutes before each service and then shut it off. The effect lasts long enough for their service. I couldn’t believe how even the room got and how quickly it got there. It was incredible."

Church in KS

"The church was extremely happy with the quality of the haze compared to the Radiance unit they currently have. We ran the Phantom Hazer for around 25-30 minutes and it lasted for “three show worthy hours”."

AV Installer, USA

"We love our Phantom Hazer - it works beautifully.  We have other hazers, but none can match the hang time and it looks a lot better than the others."

Special Effects Company, Puerto Rico

"Our Phantom Hazer is a joy - just brilliant"

Technical Manager, Theatre in Scotland

"Brill piece of kit, every church should buy this before they even buy a light fixture! We run it for 4 or 5 mins on about 50% density ... By service start we have even haze all over building that lasts well over the two hours we are in the building. ...One of our best investments."

Church in Northern Ireland

"Thanks for all your help! We got our Pea Soup hazer installed and between myself, our worship leader, our video production specialist, and our Facilities manager, we all agreed. we love it. We ran it for 90 seconds and it looked great and then again for 12 minutes and everyone was very impressed. So thanks again for all your help getting that to us."

Church in Ohio

The Phantom has been used on a huge number of feature film productions including: John Carter (Disney), X-Men First Class (Fox), Hugo (Paramount), The Woman in Black (Hammer), The Darkest Hour, Mission Impossible, Twilight Saga, Now You See Me 2, Beauty & The Beast, Thor The Dark World, Hitman's Bodyguard, Robin Hood, Pacific Rim 2: Uprising, plus massive movie franchises we aren't allowed to mention!
plus television shows: including Game of Thrones (all 8 seasons! HBO), Sherlock (BBC), Coronation Street (ITV), Dr Who (BBC), Victoria (ITV/PBS), Upstairs Downstairs (BBC), Magic Numbers (ITV), Mr & Mrs (ITV), This Morning (ITV), Vera (ITV), Terra Nova, Krypton, Frankenstein Chronicles, Peaky Blinders (BBC), Sky Arts Sessions, Michael Parkinson: Masterclass, X Factor, Mastermind, and Hamlet (RSC / BBC TV Production, 2009, "where it replaced a DF50, Cirrus cracker and a couple of Jem 24/7s due to the director of photography preferring the quality of haze from [the Phantom]"), as well as on countless commercials, in churches, at corporate events and shows, museums, nightclubs, theme parks, world arena tours and laser tag arenas.
It is the only hazer that has been used by film makers in historic National Trust properties and is fast becoming the #1 choice of DOPs working on some of the largest motion picture franchises in the world.

The Phantom Hazer is the ultimate choice for
TV studios, film sets, churches, theatres, corporate events, laser shows and nightclubs.

Heavy users of hazers (eg nightclubs and laser tag arenas) may find the unit PAYS FOR ITSELF within 1 year through the fluid savings made in comparison to using water-based hazer(s)
Even an average sized nightclub using Jem, Martin or Antari hazers will have paid for a Phantom hazer
in less than 2 years from the money saved on fluid purchases.
Why spend thousands on your lighting rig and use a mediocre hazer?

You simply can't buy a better hazer for your money!

Unit dimensions: 55 x 37 x 18cm, 14kg approx.
Power consumption: Peak 1.1kW, average over an hour: 60 watts.
2kg CO2 cylinder (provided) will allow up to 8 hours of continuous haze production at 3% output (can be increased or decreased as required). A 5kg cylinder (available separately) will allow up to 20 hours continuous haze production, a 20kg cylinder 100 hours. It is unlikely that you will need continuous production of Phantom haze indoors, as the effect hangs in the air for so many hours - you are not 'topping up' against continuous evaporative dispersion as you would with glycol/water based units. Normally 3 minutes of haze production will fill a club/laser tag arena for most of the night.

If your best lights cannot be seen without haze, use the best haze!

Phantom Hazer


PS49 : Pea Soup Phantom Hazer - Complete System Package
complete with 2kg CO2 cylinder, low bar CO2 regulator and 2.5 litres of Phantom Hazer fluid.

Contact us to order.

PS49DMX : Pea Soup Phantom Hazer with DMX control
Complete system as above, but includes a digital DMX single channel interface. Loss of DMX signal from shutting down lighting desk still allows unit to purge on shut-down correctly.
Contact us to order

Save £££s !

The Phantom PS48 model is the same as the Phantom Hazer unit above, but without the front-mounted fan.
The front-mounted fan can be purchased and retro-fitted by yourself later, if you prefer.

 We ship worldwide

PS48 : Pea Soup Phantom Smoke/Haze System
complete with 2kg CO2 cylinder, low bar CO2 regulator, 2.5 litres of Phantom Hazer fluid -
Contact us to order
PS48DMX : DMX controlled Version.
As left, but with digital DMX single channel control interface- POA 
Contact us to order

Cylinder Bracket
Allows the 2kg CO2 cylinder to be mounted onto the side of the Phantom to make it a 'one-piece' moveable unit. Another benefit is that it makes the unit exceptionally stable and very difficult to knock over.

Additional CO2 Cylinders

A 2kg CO2 cylinder is provided with every unit (except US/Can), but if you require spares:

2kg cylinder (up to 8 hours hazing)
5kg cylinder (up to 21 hours hazing)

If you prefer, you can also rent or buy additional cylinders from the gas supply company who will refill them for you.

Additional CO2 Cylinders

for UK, Europe, Australia, Africa, etc (but not compatible in US/Canada/Americas - you'll be able to source one locally from an industrial gas supplier)

PS304: 2kg supalite aluminium CO2 cylinder (filled, unless for export)
PS305: 5kg supalite aluminium CO2 cylinder (filled, unless for export)
Additional CO2 Regulators

for UK, Europe etc but also for US cylinder thread types

PS302: Low bar regulator (gives you greater output control at low levels, but only 60% of the maximum potential volume output)
PS303: Standard regulator (will give you full 100% output of the unit but less precise output control at lower levels)
Dual Voltage.
All Phantom Hazer units are now dual voltage (110V / 240V) as standard. Perfect for touring.

NEW! PS360: Haze Deflection Spout
Fits to front mounted fan on new models to allow the angle of projection of haze output to be adjusted.

PS314: DMX Controlled Gas Regulator
Allows volume output DMX control of any Phantom Hazer, new or old.
PS315: DMX Controlled External Fan
See below
PS312: CO2 Refilling System
Allows decanting of CO2 gas from larger to smaller CO2 cylinders. UK/Europe thread type.
PS309: Luxury Wheeled Flightcase for PS49 Phantom Hazer or PS48 Phantom
(see photo below). Holds the complete system with accessories and extra fluid. Lid lifts to allow use of unit without removal from case. With locking wheels.
PS308: Basic Flightcase for PS49 Phantom Hazer or PS48 Phantom. Holds machine only.
PS49IP: Weatherproof Phantom Hazer
IP65 rated haze production unit with IP44 rated haze distribution fan. Ideal for outdoor, wet or hostile environments. Made to order.
PS339: Wired Remote Control, with 6 metre cable, latching switch.
PS313: Wireless Remote Control, up to 150m range. With latching function. FCC approved.
PS311: Digital timer control module
Allows timed activation / interval up to 99 minutes.
5 litre tank capacity version of the Phantom Hazer
Holds 3.7 litres more fluid than standard unit for increased run-time before refill.
PS803: Basic Flightcase for 5 litre tank capacity version of Phantom Hazer.
TURBO upgrade - if you also require the option to produce very large volume smoke effects, the Phantom Hazer TURBO gives almost double the maximum smoke output, whilst still able to haze at low levels.

Flightcase for complete Phantom Hazer system.
Lid lifts off, unit is in place and can be used in-situ. Case has locking wheels. Holds either the PS48 or PS49 unit, DMX/remote control, 2kg CO2 cylinder upright, spare 2kg cylinder underneath unit, CO2 regulator and 5 litres of Phantom Hazer Fluid.

To place an order for the Phantom
please contact us

External DMX Controlled Fan (240v only)

Order code: PS315
(currently 220/240v only)

The PS Fan is a mini but all-purpose haze or smoke distribution fan featuring 4 control options, variable output speed, low power consumption and adjustable blow directions, all in a compact size durable metal housing.

Control is via on-board DMX or a manual control dial.

Total power consumption at maximum speed is just 100 watts.

The attached bracket enables output direction to be varied within 90 degrees whilst truss or floor mounted. The solid and handy design allows easy carrying and storage.


Input Voltage AC 220~240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 100W max @ FO
Maximum airflow 900m3/hr, 530CFM (50Hz), 1020m3/hr, 600CFM (60Hz)
Fan speed 750~2550 rpm (50Hz), 750~2800 rpm (60Hz)
Noise level 59dB (50Hz), 61dB (60Hz)
Control On-board DMX and manual rotary dial
DMX Mode 1 Channel (0-100% volume level) 
2 Channel (On/Off)
Connections Powercon in+out, XLR 5 pole in+out
Dimension 33cm (W) x 37cm (H)
IP Rating IP-20
Weight 6.3kg

Phantom Hazer Fluid

Phantom Hazer Fluid is a safe, organic, pure, intrinsically biodegradable, pharmaceutical grade haze fluid made up of 100% active ingredient. Specifically designed for use in the Phantom Hazer systems to provide the highest quality, safest haze production with the maximum hang time.

Used in the Pea Soup Phantom Hazer systems, Phantom Hazer Fluid produces a very safe, non-toxic fantastically even haze with a consistent particle size of 0.2 to 0.3 microns, with an unmatched haze hang time of approx. 3 to 4 hours or more.
PS320: 5 litre container
Can generate up to 300 hours of haze
Contact us to order.
PS321: 208 litre container
(up to 12,480 hours of haze!)
(*this is a heavy item weighing 235kg+ and is delivered on a pallet) . Contact us to order.

Phantom Hazer

"If it's not a Phantom Hazer, it's a compromise."

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