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Smoke Pellets

Available in packs of 5 to 100, our pyrotechnic smoke pellets are ignited conventionally by a naked flame (eg match/lighter) and produce white smoke for 60 seconds to up to 4 minutes. Use them for special effects - they're a simple, low cost way for photographers and film makers to very quietly generate smoke on location without any mains power.
Our smoke pellets generate predictable visible smoke patterns to determine air flow & direction of flow. Do not inhale smoke. Our pellets are designed to be held for initial ignition if required then placed where needed (or put them in an old tin foil lined mug or tea cup after ignition to allow movement during smoke production). Durations stated are approximate.

  • Special Effects
  • Testing
  • Photography
  • Air Flow Visualisation
  • Film Makers
  • Leak Testing
  • Video Production
  • Fire Training

  All items on this page can only be delivered within the UK mainland.

Plastic shroud allows pellet to be initially held for easier ignition. Increased smoke output.
Very quiet smoke production.

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*Free GB delivery offer applies to orders containing only smoke pellets.
If there are any other items in the order other than smoke pellets, then the standard delivery charge will apply. Prices exclude VAT.

 3 Minute Duration White Smoke Pellets



FREE GB mainland delivery.

Pack of 10 Save £2
Pack of 20 Save £2
Pack of 30 Save £2
Pack of 40 Save £4
Pack of 100  
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Grey / Black Smoke Pellets
Ideal for smouldering smoke effects in battlefield sequences for film and television.
Please be aware that the grey smokes will stain the surface it is placed on and may stain materials it comes into close contact with.

 4 Minute Duration Smoke Pellets


Grey / Black

FREE GB mainland delivery.


Grey / Black
Pack of 5 Save £4
Pack of 10 Save £6
Pack of 15 Save £5
Pack of 20 Save £3
Pack of 30  
Pack of 40  
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With electronic ignition and choice of six vivid colours in 7, 15, 30 or 90 second duration, see our coloured pyrotechnic smoke cartridges.



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