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Smoke Machines for Theme Parks

Rugged, efficient and very, very reliable!

The main factors when specifying a smoke machine for installation in a theme park are without doubt


We recommend only two of our fog systems for use in theme park installations - our high output Dragon water based smoke machine and our Oil Based Smoke Generator. We believe it is impossible to buy more reliable and cost effective fog generating systems today.

Our PS27 Dragon is a high quality water based smoke generator.

  • Very high smoke output, fully controllable from 0 - 100%
  • Continuously rated, built to last (5 year parts guarantee - lifetime warranty on heater block)
  • Timed output, DMX, PLC or switched control options
  • Smoke particle size is 0.2 microns - it therefore uses much less fluid to create thicker smoke than other 'theatrical' models giving a reduction in running costs of around 80%
  • External pumping facility for use with large fluid reservoirs
  • Servicable heater block, can be cleaned easily if required
  • True 100% continuous rated premium fluid pump - run-dry protection when fluid reservoir is empty
  • Choice of very persistent, medium or quick dispersing smoke fluids available
  • Auto-purge option (uses compressed air line) available for ultimate reliability

Currently in use at the UK's largest theme parks.

Weatherproof Smoke Machines

The photo to the left shows a custom Dragon IP65 Rated 2.2kW Smoke System. It has a 25 litre external fluid tank, auto-airline-purge function for the heater block and a programmable smoke burst timer for connection to a ride's track sensor. If required, it can produce smoke at 100% output continuously without ramping down volume. A special build item with a lead-time of around 2-3 weeks. More details.

Currently in use at the UK's largest theme parks.

Our Oil Based smoke generators produce an extremely persistent, odourless and non-irritating thick white smoke or haze.

With our oil based smoke system, users can experience a 90% reduction in running costs compared to standard 'nightclub' type water-based smoke machines. Servicing and maintenance costs are also reduced, as all the Phantom models clean themselves after every smoke issue.

The machine can be set on a low output and a fan used to create a haze effect much more efficiently than conventional hazers. In fact, one Phantom can replace up to 5 conventional hazers in large areas, dark ride environments and interactive laser shooting games. The haze hangs for at least 4 hours +. Build to be used day-in, day-out and give a reliability unmatched by any other system. There aren't many other smoke machines which have this level of reliability (which is why the Royal Navy use a great number of them in their fire training centres).

We can also build the unit into an IP65 rated enclosure for use outdoors in all weather conditions.

Don't get hung up by the word 'oil'. Oil-based fog is not more toxic than water-based fog. Oil-based fog hangs in the air for a much longer duration than water based fog, as oil fog particles don't evaporate as quickly as water does. It does not leave residue and has the same exposure properties as water based fog. In fact, because the fog hangs in the air longer and you're using approx. 90% LESS smoke chemical to achieve the same fog density, it is actually safer to use than water based fog. Many users have mentioned to us that oil-based smoke does not cause sufferers of respitory conditions to cough compared to water-based fogs they have used. It is non-contaminating and biodegradable.

Whether for interior or exterior situations, the unit is unbeatable for smoke persistence, smoke particle size and efficient smoke fluid use. Click on the link below to find out more.

Smoke Generator

Full smoke machines list

Self-contained low-lying dry ice heavy fog effect, NO dry ice, NO CO2:

Low Lying Fog Machine

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