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Continuous Output Smoke Machine  
  • Continuous controllable fog output
  • Wide choice of special effect fog fluids, from long lasting to extra quick dispersing
  • Remote control with variable output control, optional timer remote or DMX control
  • Easy change block system - enables machine fluid pipe to be changed without returning the unit for service

The G Force 1 is always ready to generate smoke, having no re-heat 'dead band'. Smoke output is computer controlled to be continuous, and the unit has several control options including a timer remote with intervals up to 20 minutes, and optional DMX control. A wide range of special effect smoke fluids are available to generate quickly dispersing steam effects to long lasting fog.


    Up to 425 cubic metres per minute of thick white fog! It's always ready to make smoke on cue, with no re-heat dead-band.
    From industrial persistent fluid used by NATO and fire fighters to an extra quick dispersing steam effect - we have the smoke fluid to create the effect you need
    The biggest issue with smoke machines is a plugged block through normal wear and tear. Rapid Change Technology uses a unique heat exchanger design allowing the fluid capilliary to be changed on site, in less than 15 minutes, with no special tools, without having to send it in for a service, should the need arise.
    1 - Variflow Remote;
    2 - Timer Variflow Remote;
    3 - DMX

Editor's note:
A continuous output machine giving you the choice of the full range of the special effect fluids from extra quick dispersing for steam effects to industrial long lasting.

Made in England

Mechanical Specifications:

Power Requirements:
240v, 50hz, 1100W, 5A
110v version available upon request

This unit can generate virtual continuous fog output.

Timer Variflow Remote gives smoke output duration of 0 - 30 seconds and interval times of up to 20 minutes.
Fluid consumption:
3ml/sec. Short duration burst
0.75ml/sec. continuous.

The unit is supplied complete with a bottle carrier (below) which allows a 5 litre container of fluid to be mounted on the back of the machine for portability.

SFX / Theatre / TV
Air flow visualisation
Leak testing
Fire training

Timer variflow remote
- variable output plus a convenient timer control

DMX interface
- allows easy interfacing

Smoke fluid for use with this machine:
Global Deluxe Smoke Fluid - an economical fluid mix with a medium / long hang time
Industrial Fluid - extra dense long lasting smoke for training, testing and industrial use
Quick Dispersing - ideal for effects, and if you don't want to set smoke alarms off!

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