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Le Maitre Smoke Fluid

Le Maitre smoke fluids are specifically designed to create a variety of effects for different applications.

Hazer Fluid
Mini Mist Aerosols
Industrial Fluid
Global Deluxe Fluid
Quick Dispersing Fluid
Low Fog Fluid

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Fluid for Le Maitre smoke machines and hazers
       About Le Maitre fluids ]
Hazer Fluid - for Neutron XS, MVS & Stadium Hazers only:
Le Maitre Hazer Fluid 2948
4 x 2.5 litre pack.
Le Maitre Hazer Fluid 2908
4 x 5 litre pack.
Smoke Fluid Canisters - for the Mini Mist Turbo, Optimist and Microfog machines:
Mini Mist Turbo Smoke Fluid Canisters 1911
(replaces 1910 + 1910A)
12 x 400ml canisters smoke fluid.
Industrial Smoke Fluid - specially designed for fire brigades, the MOD, and other fire training applications:

Industrial Smoke Fluid 2932
4 x 5 litre.

Industrial Smoke Fluid 1913B
200 litre*.
Global DeLuxe Smoke Fluid
- the official replacement fluid for 'Global' and 'Standard' smoke fluid which were discontinued in April 2018.
Global Deluxe Smoke Fluid 2928
4 x 5 litre.
Global Deluxe Smoke Fluid 1915
200 litre*.
Quick Dispersing Fluid - with fast dispersal rate:
Quick Dispersing Smoke Fluid 2905
4 x 5 litre.
Quick Dispersing Smoke Fluid 2945
200 litre*
Low Fog Fluid - a unique blend for dry ice simulation effects:
Low Fog Fluid 2904
5 litres.
Low Fog Fluid 2900
200 litre*

*requires lifting eqpt. at delivery address

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G300 Fully digital high power smoke generator with microprocessor control.
G Force Three models combining a portable size with a high output.
Le Maitre Neutron XS Hazer Le Maitre's award winning hazer
Le Maitre MVS Hazer Efficient and highly controllable professional hazer.
Freezefog Pro Low Smoke Converter A hugely powerful and consistent heavy fog effect.
Le Maitre Smoke Fluid All types of fluid mix for Le Maitre machines.

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