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Smoke Machines for Air Flow Testing

The easiest and most convenient way to test air flow is to visualise it using safe smoke from one of our specialist smoke machines.

Whether it's a clearance test in a paint spray booth, an airflow investigation study in a clean room laboratory, testing an HVAC duct system or even investigating the efficiency of a fume cupboard extraction system, Pea Soup have a range of different sized cost effective units to perform your test flawlessly.

Smoke Machines for air flow visualisation / leak testing, laboratory tests, buildings, wind tunnels:-

Hand Portable Smoke Machine - The Rocket delivers persistent smoke for excellent visibility over long periods and distances. Off-power facility. Used in pharmaceutical clean rooms around the world. Optional ducting hose. Stainless steel version also available. 240/110v.
High Output Smoke Generator - The Dragon is a continuous high output 2.2kW machine for filling larger volumes effortlessly. With a choice of fluids available for either quick dispersing or persistent smoke. 240/110v.
Oil Based Smoke Machine - with clean and continuous high output for large scale applications (see photo below). The generated smoke can withstand high temperatures, does not evaporate from air movement, has a tiny particle size and can easily be ducted. Can also be themally buoyant for smoke detector tests. 240/110v.
For small scale tests:

12v DC Micro Rocket Smoke Machine -
Highly portable battery powered machine for

  • air flow tracing
  • leak tests (around windows, doors and pipes)
  • fume cabinet
  • LEV work

Exceptionally low running cost. Supplied in a transit case complete with everything you need. Produces a quick dispersing smoke. Stainless steel version available.

Mini Rocket - 400W Battery powered Smoke Machine -
A powerful 400 watt 12v battery powered smoke machine, suitable for use in air flow viz situations without any available mains power. It has optional remote controls and the smoke can be ducted through hose for precise smoke placement.
Air Flow Checker - small output hand-portable unit. The ideal instrument for the testing and monitoring of small air currents and air movement. Even the slightest air movements become visible. Ideal for: ventilation or air conditioning systems, chimneys, smoke detectors, detecting leaks in industrial equipment, fume cupboards. Battery powered.

These machines are available for sale or hire

Watch 4 x PS33HI units in action in the Holmesdale Tunnel (M25)

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