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Oil-based Smoke Machines

The most versatile smoke system available

Designed to excel at:

Air flow visualisation

Leak testing
Building envelope tests
Fire training
Smoke detector tests
Special effects

Made in Britain

We ship worldwide

No residue!

10 year warranty

Extremely persistent smoke (3 - 4 hour hang time),
extremely high temperature resistance (up to 200 C / 392 F)
Automatic self-clean operation,
maintenance free
Precision built heater block, lifetime guarantee!
10 year parts warranty
Digital temperature control
& solid state switching

PS33T Outdoors

Oil-based and water-based fog - what's the difference?
Oil-based fog is much denser and hangs in the air many, many times longer than water based fog, as the fog particles don't evaporate as quickly. It is perfectly safe, non-toxic, intrinsically biodegradable and leaves no discernible residue. The oil based fog has a temperature resistance of up to 200° Celcius (392 F). The smoke is the safest in its class, outperforming water based systems substantially.

Ultra Safe Smoke
Our oil based machines have been used in hundreds of critical applications including aircraft simulators for the world's biggest aircraft manufacturers and pharmaceutical clean rooms for over 50 years without any problems arising from deposition or residue.

Extremely efficient fluid consumption
You will likely notice a reduction in smoke fluid consumption of 80 - 90% with these systems compared to water-based smoke machines for similar if not better smoke densities.

10 year warrantyZero maintenance
Virtually no routine maintenance is required
as the unit automatically purges its heater block after every smoke issue.
Four models are available for different needs. Users from fire training centres to theme parks throughout the world have selected these machines as their primary smoke system.
Each unit comes with a 10 year warranty as standard, and a lifetime guarantee on the heater block.

HEPA Filter Challenging Tests
Smoke particle size is consistently 0.2 - 0.3 microns in diameter, so they are ideal for HEPA filtration tests. ('Entertainment' fog machines' particle size are generally around 10 to 50 times larger). They can be programmed to use Ondina EL or Emery 3004 / Durasyn 164 - the approved oil chemical for HEPA tests (water based smoke is not officially suitable for these tests).
PDF info

Leak Tests / Air Flow Visualisation
Ideally suited to large building envelope tests - the smoke hangs for around 4 hours without evaporating or layering (unlike water based smoke) which enables you to fill huge areas effectively and efficiently for air tightness testing work.

Ventilation / Air Handling System Tests
For impulse / PPV (positive pressure ventilation) / road tunnel / car park ventilation tests for ventilation systems, the only smoke that gives you the most superior results is from the Phantom. It remains dense and highly visible over long distances and test durations and does not evaporate due to high speed air movement. Smoke from the units can also be given thermal buoyancy - the only machine capable of this. The smoke is heated and rises, staying visible where water based smokes simply evaporate.

Wind Tunnels Visualisation / Air Flow Analysis
In LVA / PIV laser doppler anemometry the fog particles faithfully follow flow dynamics. The fog does not evaporate in fast moving air streams, ideal for open ended wind tunnels, large or small. For visual perspective in closed (recirculating) small wind tunnels (not PIV LVA) you can reprogram the machine to use type B water based fluid which disperses quickly. As the units do not utilise a fluid pump, an ultra-smooth smoke output at any output level is ensured e.g. for laminar flow.
PDF info

Smoke Detector Tests
Unlike water-based smoke, oil-based smoke can be given thermal buoyancy to closely replicate hot rising smoke from a real fire. Ideal if your smoke detectors are very high up in the ceiling. The smoke from the Thermo-Resist models is persistent to 200C (392F).

Theme Parks / Installations
Reliability and running costs are the main factors for fixed installations. These machines excel in both. They can also be programmed to use oil or water based fluid for effects with long or very short hang times.

Flight Simulators
The production of a consistent smoke with an extremely small particle size is critical in ensuring that dense smoke concentrations can be achieved within the simulator whilst keeping to a minimum the actual chemical concentration within that environment. These systems utilise only a small fraction (10%) of the amount of smoke chemical as water based options. We can also supply smoke filters to extract the smoke after the training.

Fire Training
Not only does the smoke from the Thermo-Resist versions resist temperatures up to 200C (making them ideal for hot fire training), but its fluid use is unparalelled by any other machine producing such a thick, dense, persistent smoke. It is also the safest smoke available due to the huge reduction in smoke fluid chemical required to achieve complete white-out. The smoke has a very dull smell and is much less irritating compared to high concentrations of water based fog.
PDF Info
PDF - See the difference between PS33's Thermo-Resist smoke and water based systems

Simply put, you cannot buy a better smoke system than this!

     Smoke Hang Time (at 20C)
Pea Soup Oil Based Smoke
   4 hours +
Typical 'nightclub' water based smoke system
   15 minutes approx.
Watch a video of this smoke machine in action (full output, outdoors)
(910Kb - Flash)
Watch a video of this smoke machine in action in a hot smoke building air flow test (at half output)
(3.3Mb - Windows Media)
Watch a video of a smoke detector test. Video by Huegin
(1.12Mb - Flash)
Watch a video of this unit performing a car park ventilation test
(1.12Mb - Flash)

If requested, the unit can also be adjusted to use our water-based fluids (both quick dispersing and persistent) for further flexibility in special effects or wind tunnels (dispersion rates 30 seconds to 1.5 hours).

Smoke from Thermo-Resist units can be given thermal buoyancy to give realistic hot smoke for smoke detector tests,
such as this one at Airbus. Photo by Huegin

Smoke Information
   Particle size - explained
   Smoke hang time
   Ducting smoke
   Temperature resistance of smoke
   Smoke chemical types

ISO 9001

Hire this smoke machine

Air flow testing in the Blackwall Tunnel

4 x PS33T units in action in the Holmesdale Tunnel (M25)


SFX / Theatre / TV
Air flow visualisation
Leak testing
Fire training

All units are available for 230V or 110V, and come complete with container of smoke oil (2.5 litres with PS31 and 5 litres with PS33), a 5 metre wired remote control, full CO2 cylinder (empty if being sent outside UK), and CO2 regulator.

We ship worldwide

5 LITRE FLUID TANK, LONGER RUN TIME MODELS: Specs as models left, except run time & unit height

Power supply 
 220 - 240V, 50/60Hz
 110V, 50/60Hz
Warm up time from cold 
 4 minutes
Particle size 
 0.2 - 0.3 micron, mmd
37cm x 41cm x 18cm
54cm x 41cm x 18cm
Internal fluid tank size
 1.3 litres
5 litres
Heat exchanger wattage

1,100 Watts

2,200 Watts

1,100 Watts

2,200 Watts

Smoke output volume per min.
0 - 800 m3
0 - 1,400 m3
0 - 800 m3
0 - 1,400 m3
Fluid consumption, 100% output, per hour
2 litres
3.6 litres
2 litres
3.6 litres
Running time
at maximum output
40 mins
22 mins
145 mins
85 mins

Please contact us for pricing or a quotation.
We ship worldwide.



These professional smoke systems are specifically designed to use Pea Soup Smoke Oil 180 which produces a smoke which is temperature resistant up to 200C (392F).
These units are therefore ideally suited for hot fire training applications or for producing thermally buoyant smoke using a large heat source (eg burn tray / space heater).
For thermally buoyant smoke for smoke detector testing please also see our RSG - Realistic Smoke Generator which is a self-contained thermally buoyant smoke producing system complete with its own heating chimney.

Contact us to order

Hire this smoke machine

Pea Soup industrial smoke systems are also available in stainless steel metalwork shells to special order at extra cost. This option is recommended for both cleanroom applications, as well as for heavy duty / high usage applications such as fire training, or where the equipment is likely to be used in areas of high humidity.

Export enquiries welcome.
Please contact us via email for an export shipping quote.

Pea Soup Smoke Oil
Smoke Oil 135, 5 litre container
For standard legacy units
Please contact us for pricing on this item.
Smoke Oil 135, 208 litre drum
Smoke Oil 180, 5 litre container
For Thermo-Resist and current units
Please contact us for pricing on this item.
Smoke Oil 180, 208 litre drum

Cylinder Bracket
Allows the 2kg CO2 cylinder to be mounted onto the side of the unit to make it a 'one piece' portable unit. Another benefit is that it makes the unit and cylinder exceptionally stable and very hard to knock over. Please note: only fits 2kg size CO2 cylinders.

PS Centrifugal Blower Fan
Continuously rated smoke sealed fan suitable for use with the unit to blow fog through ducting / pipework. Output can be ducted from fan output using 75mm diameter hose above. Comes complete with stand to allow direct use with the height of your smoke system. 240V/110V. ~4 week lead time.

3 x PS33T systems with centrifugal fans to feed separate rooms in the same fire training facility

Smoke Filtration Units filter smokey air effectively extracting all smoke in situations where venting the smoke to the outside is not possible. 240V/110V.

Smoke machine ducting adaptors
Ducting adaptors
(heavy duty 25mm adaptor shown second from left)

25mm silicon lined flexible ducting hose

25mm neoprene flexible ducting hose



Available in three diameters:

  • 25mm
  • 50mm
  • 75mm

A steel ducting adaptor (shown left) attaches to the front of the machine to secure the position of the ducting hose inlet allowing smoke to be positioned precisely, in hard to reach places, a distance away from the machine itself, etc.

All our ducting hoses are internally lined to be smooth, thereby reducing frictional losses and smoke particle impaction.

When ducting smoke, you are restricting the smoke particles movement in a limited space and so deposition in the hose over time is inevitable with any machine. But by using a Pea Soup smoke machine and this type of hose, deposition is minimised.

25mm Ducting
25mm diameter heavy duty ducting adaptor
for the Phantom smoke generators (which have spouts around the smoke output nozzle)
Shown in ducting adaptors photo above, second from right
25mm diameter ducting adaptor (simple)
for the newer Rocket smoke generators (which do not have a spout around the smoke output nozzle).
25mm silicon lined flexible ducting x 2 metre length
Stays rigid - ideal for clearance and air flow tests use as a 'wand'. Silicon lined to resist heat from the smoke at this small diameter.
25mm silicon lined flexible ducting x 4 metre length
As above, but a 4 metre length
25mm neoprene lined flexible ducting x 2 metre length
25mm neoprene lined flexible ducting x 4 metre length

50mm and 75mm Reinforced Ducting

  • 100% PVC film wall with galvanised steel protective binding spiral.
  • -20C to +80C temperature range.
  • Compressible 1:6
  • 0.4 kg weight per metre (50mm), 0.5kg weight per metre (75mm)
  • Bend radius: 30mm for 50mm dia, 45mm for 75mm dia.
  • Each 50mm and 75mm hose comes complete with a stepped hose clip included allowing secure attachment to ducting adaptor.
    Spare clips are available.

NB Hose clips (shown below) included with 75mm and 50mm hoses keep the hose attached to the ducting adaptor which is ordered separately.

Ducting hose clips for 50mm and 75mm ducting only
50mm Ducting
50mm diameter ducting adaptor
50mm diameter reinforced flexible ducting x 10 metre length, with hose clip (ducting adaptor required)
75mm Ducting
75mm diameter ducting adaptor
75mm diameter reinforced flexible ducting x 10 metre length, with hose clip (ducting adaptor required)

PLC Interface
Low Fluid Sensor
Digital Timer Controller
DMX Interface
Digital Gas Regulator
DMX Gas Regulator
Low Voltage Remote Control
Wireless Remote Control
Extended Nozzle
Auto-tank Refill
Additional CO2 Cylinders
2kg aluminium CO2 cylinder
5kg aluminium CO2 cylinder
Co2 Regulators
Low bar reg (gives you finer output control at low output levels, but only 60% of the maximum potential smoke output)
Spare standard reg (will give you full 100% smoke output of the unit but less fine control at lower levels)
Flightcases & Accessories
Weatherproof cover
Allows use of ducting adaptor still, and comes with transparent window for control panel. Available for both PS31, PS33 units, and PS50 (see below). Specify which model when ordering.
Basic flight case for PS31 (1.3 litre tank version)
Basic flight case for PS33 (5 litre tank version)
Luxury Flightcase for complete PS31 Smoke system.
Lid lifts off, unit is in place and can be used in-situ. Case has locking wheels. Holds either the PS31 or PS31T unit, remote control, 2kg CO2 cylinder, CO2 regulator and 5 litres Smoke Fluid. Photo below shows blue case, but case is now supplied in black.
Luxury Flightcase for complete PS33 Smoke System.
As above, but for the taller PS33 or PS33T units.
Wireless radio remote control, up to 150m range
(must be ordered at the same time as ordering your smoke system - cannot be retrofitted)
Replacement latching remote control, 5m lead
Timer control module
*not available separately - must be ordered when ordering your system as it is mounted on the back of the unit
Stainless Steel

For use in biological and electronic clean rooms for HEPA filter challenging tests, etc
Both size units are available in this type of chassis finish.


  The PS60 Smoke System

The PS60 is the highest output industrial model in our range, producing approximately 60% more smoke than even the PS33T unit above at continuous, un-ramped, full output, but an incredible 138% more smoke at "Super Turbo" level which can be sustained for up to 2 minutes before a brief re-heat period of around 15 seconds.

This TWIN OUTPUT version comes fitted with a timer controller facility and a horizontal high capacity 5 litre fluid reservoir with an easy fill, wide spout inlet and integrated sight-glass, eliminating the possibility of ever overfilling the tank.

The smoke from the PS60 is extremely persistent, remaining highly visible to 200°C (compared to typical water based smoke systems which evaporate at 40-50°C) before evaporation commences, making the unit ideally suited to hot fire training applications. It is also used during carbonaceous burns to top up smoke levels in different compartments in the training facility. The smoke is also unaffected in fast moving air streams / turbulent conditions making it the perfect tool for PPV / impulse ventilation training. Custom weatherproof cover and wheeled flightcase to hold the entire system are also available.

We ship worldwide

PS60 Brochure PDF

Power supply 
230v AC (+10% / -6%) 50-60Hz
Warm up time from cold 
 4 minutes
Particle size 
 0.2 - 0.3 micron, mmd
52cm x  24cm x 42cm
Powder coated zintec steel chassis
Internal fluid tank size
5 litres
Heat exchanger wattage
2,800 Watts
Smoke output per min.
0 - 2,000 m3
Smoke oil consumption, full output
5.7 litres / hour
Smoke oil consumption, super-turbo output
8.4 litres / hour
Running time at maximum continuous output
55 mins


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