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Concept Smoke Systems CONCEPT SMOKE FLUID

Pea Soup Smoke Machines are the world's #1 distributor of Concept smoke systems.
Concept smoke fluid, manufactured for over 50 years, is of the highest purity and high in active ingredient. All of Concept's smoke fluids and the resultant smoke produced have been examined by independent bodies such as the National Occupational Hygiene Service, Health & Safety Executive, US Navy and Atomic Weapons Establishment.

   [ About Concept smoke and fluid ]   

Colt 4 / Colt 4 Turbo / Colt 3 Smoke Fluid Aerosols     

These smoke fluid aerosols will provide approx. 15 minutes of smoke production in a Colt 4 or approx. 8 minutes in a Colt 4 Turbo. Note: Colt 3 (quick dispersing) aerosols cannot be used in a Colt 4 (persistent) unit, and vice versa.
Colt 3 (quick dispersing) pack of 10 aerosols
Single Colt 3 Aerosol
Colt 4 (persistent) pack of 10 aerosols
Single Colt 4 Aerosol
Refillable aerosol for Colt (for use with 5 litre fluid A containers below)
Smoke Fluid for the Spirit 900
In a Spirit 900 smoke machine, a full internal tank (2 litres) will give smoke production for 40 minutes at full output.

Type A is persistent.
Type B is quick dispersing.
Type C is medium dispersing.
Type A - Persistent - 5 litres
Type A - Persistent - 205 litres*
Type B - Quick dispersing - 5 litres
Type B - Quick dispersing - 205 litres*
Type C - Medium - 5 litres
Type C - Medium - 205 litres*
Smoke Oil for ViCount Compact 135 / 180 systems

Smoke Oil 135 is temperature resistant to 135 celcius and Smoke Oil 180 to 200 celcius. It is important to note which fluid your machine uses - this is denoted on the serial number label on the back.

Smoke Oil 180 - 5 litres
Smoke Oil 180 - 208 litres*
Smoke Oil 135 - 5 litres
Smoke Oil 135 - 208 litres*
Artem Smoke Gun Aerosol Canisters
10 x smoke fluid aerosols, one-piece aluminium
12 x gas aerosols
Refillable Canister with siphon tube
Smoke Oil for Artem Refillable Canister - 5 litres
M1 Air Trace
500ml M1 Smoke Fluid
500ml B1 Smoke Fluid
2.5 Litres B1 Smoke Fluid
5 Litres B1 Smoke Fluid
We also supply Concept Smoke Screen Fluid

*requires lifting eqpt. at delivery address

Prices are shown only as a guide and are subject to change without notice.

The warranty on your smoke machine will be void if you use smoke fluid other than that recommended by the manufacturer of your smoke machine. Safe smoke is your responsibility.

Pea Soup are the world's #1 distributor of Concept Smoke products

Related products:
Name Description
Colt 4 A small robust smoke generator for portable high output smoke generation.
Colt 4 Turbo A small robust smoke generator whose physcial size belies its power. Twice the power of the Colt 4.
Spirit 900 Continuous high output quality machine.
ViCount Compact Oil-based smoke machine for large applications whose smoke has a high temperature tolerance.
Exterior Smoke Gun Gas powered and hence totally portable smoke gun.

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