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Smoke Machines for Leak Testing and Visualisation

Portable and capable of creating controllable, highly visible, traceable, safe, white smoke; fog machines suitable for leak testing are listed below.

For hand-held leak testing:

Air Flow Checker - low output rechargeable hand-portable unit. The ideal instrument for the testing and monitoring of small air currents and air movement. Even the slightest air movements become visible. Ideal for: ventilation or air conditioning systems, chimneys, smoke detectors, detecting leaks in industrial equipment, fume cupboards.
12v DC Micro Rocket Smoke Machine -
Highly portable battery powered machine for air flow tracing. Comes complete with spout extension for precise placement of the smoke, and storage / transit flightcase. Lower running cost than the Air Flow Checker above, and ideal for LEV and localised air current tracing, producing a quick dispersing smoke.
Mini Rocket - 400W Battery powered Smoke Machine -
Higher output battery powered machine for larger leak testing applications in areas where no power is available.
Hand Portable Smoke Machine - the Rocket is a hand-portable unit capable of producing controllable smoke from a small puff to a high output plume. After being heated up on mains power can be unplugged and used off-power for a short time. Very persistent smoke can be tracked for long periods. Double-output Turbo unit also available. 240/110v.
Drain Tester -
A specialist fog machine kit specifically designed for testing the integrity of drains or pipework. It generates a very persistent, highly visible water-based non-toxic smoke and is very easy to use. We do not hire this unit.

For leak testing of larger volumes:

High Output Smoke Generator - the Dragon offers continuous 100% high output, controllable volume, high quality smoke machine. Economical fluid consumption. 240/110v.
Oil Based Smoke Generator - the Phantom oil-based smoke machine. Very high output persistent smoke with a 3 - 4 hour hang time - ideal for larger leak test applications and smoke logging large volumes. 240/110v.

These machines are available for sale (worldwide) or hire (UK)

Pyrotechnic smoke pellets - available to mainland UK customers. Up to 60 second smoke output duration. White, red, blue and green colours available. Exterior use only.

Click here to see the full list of all smoke machines available

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