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Coloured Smoke / Fog Fluid - does it exist?
Coloured Smoke Fluid - debunking the myth
Can I get coloured smoke / fog fluid to make coloured smoke / fog?

This is our #1 frequently asked question!

Smoke fluid that produces a coloured smoke from a smoke machine does not exist, and it is unlikely it ever will. We have investigated it extensively, but because such a huge amount of coloured dye is required, it blocks the machines' heat exchanger almost immediately. Everything the smoke touches turns the colour of the dye. This is not practical nor safe.

So the only way to make coloured smoke is using coloured lighting or our electronically detonated pyrotechnic cartridges available from Pea Soup.

But...some smoke fluid is coloured!

This is purely an indicator additive so that users who are using a range of different smoke fluid types with different dispersion rates (eg persistent, quick dispersing, etc) do not get them mixed up and can quickly identify which type of fluid is in the machine's tank.

HOWEVER, as a smoke fluid manufacturer ourselves, we do NOT add any coloured or scent additives to our own smoke fluids as research suggests this is not beneficial to health or the machine.

So the only way to make coloured smoke is:

- use coloured lighting

- use coloured pyrotechnic smokes

The only way to find out when the new Pope is elected is by watching the Sistine Chapel chimney for coloured smoke - either white or black.


Coloured filters on lights projected at conventional white smoke from a smoke machine produces what appears to be coloured smoke from the white smoke particles refracting the coloured light. New intense coloured LED lighting makes this easier and almost infinitely changable.

Pyrotechnic coloured smokes use coloured dye (along with other chemicals) to achieve an ACTUAL coloured smoke. Visible even in bright daylight. As a chemical compound is burned to achieve this, it is not necessarily as nice to breathe in as smoke machine smoke (actually a fog), so needs to be used in well ventilated areas.



Our electronically fired 7 second coloured smokes.
Details on our coloured smoke


Pea Soup Smoke Machines

Pea Soup is the biggest specialist online supplier of smoke machines. We have over 60 combined years of experience in the field of smoke machines for special effects, testing and training. Based in the UK, we export our products all over the world.

From testing the air flow inside chocolate making machines in Belgium to fire training in Germany for the US Army -- from creating a light haze in a church for a BBC period drama to testing hundreds of smoke detectors on the world's largest oil platform, Pea Soup supply the smoke machines for your job.

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