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Smoke Machines for Fire Training

To add realism to training scenarios or any type of fire safety training. For highly portable smoke machines, the Rocket can't be beaten in terms of reliability, smoke quality and safety. For larger applications, the smoke generated by the Phantom Oil Based Smoke Generators at the bottom of this page will persist even at high temperatures (up to 200C) so are the ultimate choice for hot fire training.

Hand Portable Smoke Machine - The Rocket is the leading hand-held unit which uses convenient aerosols. Can also be used off-power. Continuous high output when connected to the mains. Highly reliable, very efficient use of fluid, low running costs, safest water based smoke generator on the market, leaves no residue. 5 year warranty, lifetime guarantee on the heater block.
1.1kW - 2.2kW. 240v or 110v.
2.2kW High Output Smoke Generator - The Dragon is a high volume smoke machine capable of continuous 100% output. Highly efficient use of fluid and very high quality smoke with a consistent small particle size unmatched by other machines. The most persistent water based smoke generator in the world. Reliable and robust. Low running costs. Beat all competitors in independent back-to-back test. Remote control. Wireless remote optional. 240v or 110v.
Oil Based Smoke Generator - The Phantom is a very high output unit available in a several variants. These units produce the most persistent smoke of any smoke machine on the market. Unlike all water-based smoke machines, the smoke produced remains persistent in high temperatures making the Phantom the ultimate choice for use in hot real-fire scenarios and training rigs for maintaining a reduction in visibility. 240v or 110v.
Colt 4 Smoke Machine - popular and rugged hand-held unit which can be used off-power. 1.1kW - 2.2kW. 240v or 110v.
The Micro Rocket is a highly portable battery powered machine, ideal for simulating small smouldering fires in compartments or bins in aircraft simulators or offices, workshops, etc.
The Mini Rocket is a powerful 400 watt 12v battery powered smoke machine, suitable for use in training locations without mains power such as trains, buses or vehicles. It has an optional wireless remote control allowing it to be operated remotely inside a compartment of a vehicle, or under the bonnet, for example.

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